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Digital Marketing consists of multiple departments like social media, SEO, SEM, design, website and creative productions requiring people with different expertise. A full digital agency is one that offers all of the services mentioned above. You can therefore choose to have the agency plan and execute an entire digital marketing campaign for your business covering all of the aspects mentioned above, or opt for any one of their services for example website or social media development.


One-stop solution

While some agencies or freelancers are experts in their own field, they do not offer a complete plan of digital marketing. Selecting a professional full service digital agency like Fooyo Creative gives you the advantage of having people from the same agency working together in different departments to achieve your goals in your digital marketing campaign. It increases efficiency as you only need to get your ideas across once; the planning and execution will be consistent as the team have a universal understanding of your brand values. The results will be more harmonious and coherent than if you are using different agencies for different departments as every agency has their own perspective and understanding.


Cost efficient

Compared to hiring an in-house marketing team, you only pay us for the time you are using us. We will advise you contract lengths that are based on the goals of the digital marketing campaign and thorough discussions. And as a full service agency, we engage with a wide range of personnel who are experts in their own field in digital marketing, so you are able to obtain specific high quality services from them for a reasonable cost rather than from a single in-house designer or marketer.

Once we get in touch, it goes in 3 simple steps:

  1. Set up a coffee meeting to fully understand each other.
  2. Plan the campaign and get proposals.
  3. Execute the plan and finish on time.

We spend time understanding and studying your business, your brand and what it stands for before coming up with a plan that will brings the best value and results to you.

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