Why were Chinese shoppers going crazy over UNIQLO x KAWS Collection

The Chinese sales of UNIQLO x  KAWS collection has become viral everywhere on social media. 

Meanwhile, you:

Chinese shoppers were going completely crazy about the launch of UNIQLO x KAWS collection yesterday. The summer collection is a co-branding between Uniqlo and the famed American artist and Brian Donnelly, known professionally as Kaws.

It’s not the first time for American artist partnered with Japanese fashion chain, they previously also co-branding on Sesame Street Collection.

The online sales reportedly were sold out in seconds. This collection first started to launch in Mainland, China stores, early in the morning, on 3rd of June and has become a viral topic on social media.

People are literally fighting over the UNIQLO x KAWS Collection, look!

Photos and video of people fighting over the t-shirts and pulling clothes off the shop mannequins went viral on social media. The hashtag #全员kaws# on Weibo had received 4.4 billion views by 4th of June, Tuesday.

People are confused about the hype surrounding the latest collection, some don’t even know who KAWS is.  Some commenters joke that it looks like a competition between shoppers on who can score the most t-shirts rather than the design or KAWS collection. This topic has successfully set off various memes and online jokes.

“Entering the office on Monday and seeing my colleagues.”

Co-branding is a marketing strategy that involves a strategic alliance of multiple brand names jointly used on a single product or service. Co-branding, also called brand partnership, is when two companies form an alliance to work together, creating marketing synergy.

Well, this is not the first time the Japanese UNIQLO brand becomes a viral hit for its partnership collection.

“Collaboration over competition.”

Good Job, UNIQLO!